SYNTAX PRO Press Release

The Internet now has SYNTAX PRO, a platform seeking to create unity and quality assurance in the language services market.

At, qualified language service providers and their customers may now link up directly, with no commissions or middlemen. At SYNTAX, entities looking for a given language service are the ones to search and select those providers most suited to their needs.

SYNTAX providers are exclusively members of LEXIS PRO, an active international community bringing together a vast array of language service professionals: translators, subtitlers, copywriters and voice-over professionals. SYNTAX providers, who have all undergone an acceptance procedure, are governed by a strict code of ethics; their services are constantly monitored by the platform’s customers.

The idea of obtaining language services through SYNTAX involves being the quickest, safest and most efficient way of ensuring work relations in the field of language services with accredited, competent and capable professionals. To this end, SYNTAX has resources available for:

• Working exclusively with qualified registered professionals: official SYNTAX providers are all LEXIS members.
• Gaining access to an online world language service market that guarantees localized global status: language services are provided by native speakers of the working language (target language, in the case of translating) who live in the socio-cultural setting of that same language.
• Guiding the search for professionals via several criteria, such as type of service, source language or professional experience.
• Consulting profiles, portfolios and the various rankings of SYNTAX providers.
• Requesting up to 20 quotes, free of charge, for each language service, with just one click and no obligation.
• Connecting directly with professionals, with no commissions or middlemen.
• Rating the service that has been provided, thereby contributing toward the SYNTAX provider ranking system.
• Setting in motion a system for monitoring and, if necessary, denouncing fake professionals.

Any person or organization requiring language services with the assurance of quality and competence at competitive prices can be a SYNTAX PRO customer.

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